12th September 2012

Crewkerne UK - August 2012: Rotalink has launched a new full-range product catalogue and completed a major website update that together provide a comprehensive information resource for the miniature power transmission system manufacturer's complete range of motors, gearboxes, feedback devices, drives and motion controls. Aimed at engineers and designers of electromechanical and mechatronics assemblies across industry and research, the catalogue and website accentuates Rotalink's capability for innovatively designed and cost efficient solutions for standard and customised miniature power transmission assemblies with torque ratings to 28 Nm and shaft power up to 150 W.
The new catalogue and website cover the same five main section headings, keeping the enquiry process straightforward between the two information sources. These include DC, AC and stepper motor product schedules with descriptive sub-sections that contain concise product specifications; each main section includes the gearboxes that are applicable for the specific motor type. In particular, the DC motor section covers permanent magnet brushed motors, plus brushed rare earth and heavy case motors in addition to brushless variants. Installation considerations such as EMI, current limiting and electrical customisation possibilities are also discussed. For website browsing, the selection process is further simplified with motor specification parameters that can be sorted by ascending or descending order. Complete specifications for individual motor types, including speed-torque curves, are available as separate data sheets as downloadable PDF files from the website, or included with the printed catalogue on a CD that contains fully updated information. Expanded and detailed gearbox datasheets are also available as website downloadable PDFs or on the CD.
A section on the control of DC motors features Rotalink's incremental and absolute feedback devices as well as the Red Drive motion controller, demonstrating the basis for a complete single-source service for motor, gearbox, feedback and control with application customisation flexibility and extremely competitive development and unit costs.
The catalogue and website are completed with a major section on Rotalink's design service to OEMs that highlights its philosophy to develop fresh and novel ways in repackaging miniature power transmission systems. This is demonstrated by an unrivalled awareness of the opportunities offered by advances in materials technologies that bring proven cost, quality and performance advantages that are particularly beneficial when established at the customer's design phase.
Rotalink's own in-house designed and manufactured range of precision miniature gearboxes include spur, combined spur-planetary and planetary gear systems with a choice of steel, polymer and ultra-polymer gear materials. With further design options for bearing type, and with shaft and mounting interface customisation, the gearbox range is completely optimised for the customer's application in terms of performance and cost. Notable Rotalink gearbox advantages include much improved torque-to-size/weight ratios, quieter operation and longer life with reduced maintenance. Furthermore, Rotalink's design innovation extends to unique features such as sandwich mounting its miniature incremental feedback encoders between the motor and gearbox - allowing lower cost standard single shaft motors to be used - offering a much more compact and competitively priced package than more expensive rear motor shaft mounted kit encoders.
The new catalogue and the website reflect the very latest Rotalink product ranges with recent offerings including the recently announced 312, 332 and 362 spur-ovoid gearboxes which feature polymer and ultra polymer materials and offer extremely high torque to size performance.

New product catalogue and website for miniature motors, power transmission and control