10th October 2007
  • 3D CAD files available for application-specific motor/encoder/gearbox assemblies for faster time-to-market product development 

Crewkerne UK – October 2007: To help speed and simplify the design visualisation process for its customers, Rotalink Limited have recently announced an Express 3D CAD file service for application-specific assemblies from its wide range of miniature motors, encoders, gearboxes, and transmission components.

After finalising the application evaluation, Rotalink aim to provide a 3D space model file within 24 hours that details all the essential mechanical and electrical interfacing information for the recommended product. The product can then be quickly assessed within the customers’ CAD system and any design issues resolved with minimum delay. 3D files include mounting holes, drive shafts, output gears, pulleys, connectors and if necessary, application customised features.

3D CAD software with built-in “digital prototyping” is now the leading and indispensable technique for design visualisation. With definite product development time and cost savings, such software is available from several companies, each with its own merits. However, whilst many common “commodity” design components such as bolts and bearings are integrated with these CAD software systems, design engineers often have to spend a significant amount of time creating 3D models for specialised components like motor gearboxes by tediously reworking manufacturers 2D drawings supplied in brochures or from website downloads.

The new service was introduced after several instances where Rotalink was able to quickly provide 3D CAD files specific to the customers’ application by referencing its own extensive design library to compile the virtual assembly. Whereas this simple but extremely effective process may prove difficult for a distributor who must contact his component supplier or suppliers and wait for action, Rotalink’s in-house design and manufacturing strengths make the process very straightforward.

Rotalink’s engineering team uses Autodesk® Inventor CAD software for design and production with many productivity enhancements and is able to output 3D space models in the STEP Application Protocol 203 file format which is universally accepted by all major 3D CAD software systems.

ISO 9001 registered Rotalink supply a broad range of AC, DC and stepping motor technologies plus gearboxes, drives, controls and power transmission equipment from its design and manufacturing facility in Crewkerne – UK.

Rotalink launch Express 3D CAD file service to speed customerís design visualisation process