2nd April 2007

Rotalink, a world-leader in the design and manufacture of miniature transmission products, has extended its range of low-cost single- and dual-channel encoders to include the company’s recently launched planetary/spur gearboxes. Adding feedback to these compact 5Nm and 10Nm gearboxes opens unique low-cost control opportunities to original equipment manufacturers. Rotalink’s innovative positioning of the encoder between motor and gearbox - removing the need for a motor with a through shaft – saves both cost and space.

The dual channel encoder’s 48-line quadrature output gives 192 positions per revolution, indicating minute steps at the gearbox output when multiplied by the gearbox ratio. Integrated circuitry operates from a standard 5V supply, uses long-life optical components and provides Schmitt triggering to directly drive CMOS/TTL logic.

The single channel encoder provides a lower-cost option when directional of rotation is not critical. Operating from 3.8V to 30.0Vdc supply voltages, this magneto-resistive encoder outputs 24 pulses/revolution at the supply voltage level, making it suitable for interfacing with TTL and CMOS devices.

The encoders are fully compatible across Rotalink’s range of DC motors - delivering up to 150 watts of power - and interface with its wide range of gearboxes.

Digital incremental encoders can capture motor speed and distance travelled with precision, making them ideal for an extremely diverse range of control applications. Typical uses include coil winding, security camera pan-and-tilt mounts, robotic pick-and-place systems, advertising and lighting displays and similar indexing/positioning devices. Other applications include vending machines; dosing/metering pumps requiring air and/or liquid valve control; analytical instrumentation and other applications where low cost and maximum performance are required.

New low-cost encoder/gearbox combinations enhance control opportunities to OEMs