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DC Motor Schedule - Brushless Heavy Case
ModelNominal VoltageNo Load Speed
No Load Current
Max Eff. Speed
Max Eff. Current
Max Eff. Torque
Max Eff. Output
Stall Torque
Stall Current
Max Power


Heavy case brushless motors are built for the most demanding
applications. Their solid construction gives unparalleled efficiency and lifespan and low levels of electrical and audible noise. They are too powerful to use built-in commutation, and so feature cables to connect them to Rotalink's BLC4A board or to a customer's own electronics.




The Rotalink BLC4A board is a simple brushless motor commutator capable of driving brushless motors with hall effect sensors up to 96W. The board provides both analogue and PWM speed control, Break, Direction and Reset inputs as well as a tacho speed output. These I/O have been fitted to a standard 0.1" header for easy connection to customer electronics or standalone use with pin jumpers (available on request). The board also features both a power and fault LED.

BLC4A Data Sheet

Brushless Commutation Guide


General Specification
Min Input: 10Vdc
Max Input: 30Vdc
Load: 4A
Max Power: 96W
Weight approx.: 50g
Connectors: Screw terminals for power connection 8 way molex MTA-100 for motor 14way 0.1" header for I/O