Facing the market

A market driven supplier of miniature power transmission systems and controls dedicated to supporting a global network of customers that demand world class performance. At our core is a product catalogue driven by a design philosophy which is aware of a significant development in materials and the opportunity that this presents for innovation. We are quick to use well proven and established methods, often in novel ways.

Our customers are friends and our market focused designs enable us to offer them a truly competitive edge. We are lean, with a flat organization that empowers its people and encourages them to take ownership at a high level. We aim to be positive, professional and have impeccable integrity. Our flexible approach involves understanding your needs and responding in a way that delivers the service you need.

Specialist sales engineers, supported by our strong design team, are here to help. Samples and prototypes are readily available from our dedicated manufacturing facility. Please contact us for more information.



Our design philosophy has modularity at its core. Our aim is to meet the specification set by the widest range of applications with a unique power transmission package built from standard
components. The resulting catalogue enables us to deliver three key demands arising in a highly competitive global marketplace: performance, cost and time.



Our motors are sourced from both internal and external suppliers. We ensure that the
resulting component meets the most challenging specification.

Our gearboxes are designed and manufactured in house exploiting today's materials by innovative design.



The standard components within this catalogue will enable us to meet most specifications, if not our applications team will work with you to meet your special need.

The sales team will be pleased to help with the selection of the most effective product. Please contact us.