This website is presented in prime component form enabling the user to satisfy their application needs with a drive system produced from standard components customised to their application.

We understand that systems may need unique features at the point at which they interface with your machine. Typical areas that may be customised are:

  • Output shafts

  • Flying leads and looms that may include strain relief, crimps, heatshrink and connectors

  • Special gears, pinions or pulleys fitted to output shafts

Rotalink offers optional friction clutches that may be built into the gearbox output stage across the spur ovoid gearbox range.

These devices provide protection to the gearbox and/or driven load where shock loads or intermittent overloads could otherwise cause damage to the system. The clutches are set at manufacture to operate at the required torque level.

Our sales team are always available to assist customers at the specification stage, samples and pre-production quantities can be supplied.

We do offer a design and supply service for applications that demand a totally unique power transmission or control system.