Motors, gearboxes and controllers to drive your leadscrew or pulley system. There are a number of options:

  • Where a lead screw is driven as an indirect drive, through a coupling, our complete range of dc motors and gearboxes is available

  • For linear drives when stroke length is below 100mm and thrust does not exceed 50N, we can offer any of our ovoid gearboxes with a lead screw substituted for the output shaft. V-thread and trapezoidal thread are both available, in a range of pitches.

  • Belt and Pulley applications may be met with gearbox bearings designed to take side load together with a wide range of pulley options.



For all three options we offer feedback through incremental or absolute encoders with the added opportunity of controlling the linear motion with Red Drive programmable controller. This product enables you to use your system to the full capability of the motor gearbox: multiple speeds, stop/starts and programmes.

The complex design issues associated with the conversion of rotary to linear motion is an area of special expertise; if you need support please give our technical sales desk a call.