dc image   Unsuppressed motor   Motor after suppression has been fitted

The increasing trend towards miniature multi functional devices brings with it the problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

There are many ways in which we can help you achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

dc image   dc image   dc image

To reduce the effects of radiated noise we can offer dc motors with an internal varistor ring. This device is fitted across the motor coils and offers low cost suppression.


The effects of electromagnetic noise can be reduced by fitting capacitors and chokes close to the dc motor. We offer a range of populated pcb’s that can be fitted directly across the motor terminals.


Data Sheet SP2169 & SP2770

Data Sheet SP2974 to SP2977


Wiring looms
We can design and manufacture wiring looms which incorporate twisted power leads, electromagnetic shielding and ferrite beads, all of which offer significant reductions in EMI.