In order to support OEMs in their determination to maintain a competitive edge we have developed an ASIC based dual channel encoder. It uses capacitive sensing, which delivers cost effective feedback whilst minimizing size.

Data Sheet 

The capacitive design and custom ASIC, means the encoder can successfully operate over a wide range of temperatures and is unaffected by external magnetic forces. The ASIC has internal amplification and can directly drive TTL logic.

Various options of the encoder are available from 8ppr single channel to 24ppr dual channel(giving 48 positions per rev with signal processing).

A 300mm loom is available to link the encoder to a standard 2.54mm pitch 4-way PCB header. In full production the encoder connector allows customers to easily use a loom tailored to their requirements.

Customers should be aware of the opportunity of using the single or dual channel encoder with our programmable controller Red Drive Red Drive which offers the real opportunity of low cost servo systems.


For our PG28 and PG38 planetary gearboxes the encoder fits neatly in place of a planetary stage, minimising length.

For use with our ovoid gearbox range there are three different size variants, providing a sandwich mount between our standard single shaft dc motors and gearboxes.





General Specification
Number of Channels: 1 or 2
Pulses per Channel per Motor rev.: 8, 12
Output: TTL
Supply Voltage: 5 Vdc ±10%
Frequency Range: up to 20Khz
Operating Temperature: -40 to +80°C

Connector Pin Sequence
+5V: Pin 1
Channel A: Pin 2
Channel B (where applicable): Pin 3
Ground: Pin 4