The Red Drive board was designed with cost at the forefront of the specification and manufactured in volumes that deliver this promise.Use Red Drive throughout the product development process.

  • Write your own programs and modify them, at any stage, quickly and easily.

  • Prototype test and modification.

  • Compatible through pre-production and production stages.

  • Design with Red Drive PCB with the option of a Red Drive chip on your own board.

Red Drive is a compact yet powerful motor driver and controller designed for use with our wide range of dc motors, gearboxes and encoders. Our unique flowchart graphical software allows the user to easily program both simple and complex sequences of motion and quickly refine such programs as development continues.

The Red Drive chip can be incorporated into a customer's own PCB, providing advanced PID control and complex programmed behaviour without the need for further design time. When volumes are moderate or timeframes tight, Rotalink also offers Red Drive on a fullyintegrated PCB.

This will turn a brushed dc motor, when equipped with a welldesigned gearbox and feedback device, into a servo system able to produce more power using less space and for a lower price than an equivalent stepper or brushless motor.

Red Drive is engineered to make closed-loop speed, acceleration and positional control possible in the most price-sensitive applications. It can respond to both analogue and digital inputs and give outputs to control LEDs, buzzers and similar devices.




Overview of Red Drive            

Data sheet       

Red Drive Manual


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Speed control: output speed will remain stable running against a variable load.

Position control: move set distances.  Maximum movement from start position is 44,000,000 motor revs.

Home: define one input as a ‘home’, this provides a reference point for all other movements.

Acceleration: unit features a ‘straight line’ profile, available from ‘as fast as motor’ to a maximum acceleration time of 1967 seconds.

Wait: unit can wait (either motor running or stationary) for up to 549500 seconds.

Global fail safe: external input can trigger Red Drive shutdown.

Variable calculations: Various calculations can be made on variables, +, -, *, <, >. Useful for counting in sequences.


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