A range of open loop Pulse Width Modulated speed and direction controllers for use with brushed dc motors up to 10A.

All our controllers use PWM adjustment running at 20Khz to provide high quality speed control. The motor will see an average voltage proportional to the duty cycle it is receiving.

There are 3 variants of controller, a 10A uni-directional (varies speed only) unit, a 1.5A bi-directional controller (varies speed and direction) and a 1.5A uni-directional (varies speed only) unit.

Bi-directional unit:
Using the onboard potentiometer it is easy to adjust direction and speed; with the potentiometer set full CW the motor turns clockwise at full speed, simply rotating the potentiometer to full AC will rotate the motor anticlockwise at full speed. Positioning the potentiometer at 50% will stop the motor.

Uni-directional unit:
More simple than the bi-directional controller. This PCB simply provides speed control in one direction. The potentiometer changes speed linearly from full speed to stop. The motor connection must be reversed to change direction.

Data sheet

  Speed Controller


General Specification
Supply Voltage: 12-24Vdc
Supply Current: 10A Max continuous

Supply Voltage: 7 - 24Vdc
Supply Current: 1.5A Max continuous