Ideally suited to a wide range of applications

This group of products is unique in the scope of its range. It contains both uni and bi-directional synchronous motors and electrically controlled reversible motors interfacing with both spur and hybrid gearboxes.

Product is offered across a wide voltage range and gearbox ratio options are extensive. UL approval is available where appropriate.

For applications where constant speed is essential the stand alone synchronous motor or a motor interfacing with a gearbox is an invaluable tool. Typical uses include cam timers, lubrication systems, diaphragm and peristaltic pumps and clock mechanisms but many products that demand constant torque or speed will benefit. Where torque is important the guarantee of constant motor speed coupled with the mechanical advantage generated from your gearbox delivers a low cost and consistent torque speed performance at the output shaft.

Synchronous motors also offer real advantages where motor life is critical, the lack of brushes and low torque levels will deliver many tens of thousands of trouble free hours.  Low noise is often critical in both domestic and commercial applications and its management is a key part of our design philosophy and manufacturing expertise. Please speak to your sales engineer or call the sales desk if you need help with the selection of a product.

Special lead lengths, connectors and dedicated output drives can be fitted to your specification and supplied to your line as you need them. Our aim is to supply our customer with a comprehensive "fit and forget" service.


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