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The selection of the correct stepping motor requires specialised knowledge, the options are considerable. Stepping Motors feature accurate digital motion control, precise shaft position control, wide torque range and step angle accuracy.

The motor requires drive electronics to control the electrical pulses which switch the motor windings. This range offers open loop control systems which are widely used in digitally controlled motion applications.

Within Rotalink the widest range of permanent magnet and hybrid stepping motors are supported by a team with extensive experience in both design and manufacture. Our engineers are well qualified to give you support in the selection and application of motors.

Motors can be supplied with special shafts including lead screws and interfaced with dedicated gearboxes and a standard dual line encoder. Connectors and pulleys can be fitted to your specification. The majority of our wide range of product is available from stock; special windings will be on a short lead time.

When selecting your motor there are many parameters to consider including voltage and current available from your drive, speed, resolution, space and cost. The following notes may assist you in your selection of a suitable package:

For an application requiring a speed of less than 5rpm and torque of greater than 1Nm we suggest you consider a permanent magnet stepping motor fitted to a gearbox. Where a speed of less than 5rpm and torque of less than 1Nm is required you can consider either a permanent magnet or hybrid stepping motor without a gearbox.

For an application requiring a speed greater than 5rpm we suggest you consider a hybrid stepping motor. If precision is of secondary importance to power, a geared brushless motor may be worth considering.

A hybrid stepping motor will offer high resolution which can be further enhanced by use of microstepping drives.

Stepping motors are manufactured with two types of winding; bipolar (identified by having only four leads) and unipolar. Higher torques and speeds are available from bipolar wound motors however the external drive circuitry required to achieve this is more complex.

We understand that the selection of a stepping motor can be complex. If you need any support please give our technical sales desk a call.


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