A centre of excellence for the design and supply of miniature power transmission products.

There are times when you will have a specification that can only be met by a unique solution. We have considerable experience of working on such projects offering specialised design expertise supported by a first class prototyping capability.

Our flexible approach involves understanding your needs in terms of specification, cost, timing and finance at the outset. This enables us to deliver you a design and supply service that is uncompromising.

Our design philosophy carries a triple message:

  • Take known technologies and repackage them in fresh and novel ways

  • Awareness of the opportunity presented by today’s materials

  • Cost and quality established at the design stage

Being quick to adopt both commercial and technical advances ensures that we can support you in your determination to be a market leader.

Areas where we may be of special help include:

Cutting time to market
We actively develop and maintain our relationship with your project management team. Our unique blend of experienced, multidisciplined engineers use the latest 3D modelling software and in house prototyping facilities to deliver motion control products to your project timelines.

Product cost
Price is a critical driver, and imaginative design is the key to low cost. Our catalogue is proof of our ability to deliver products that meet this market test. We operate at a global level, and source in the most appropriate locations to deliver a real edge in the marketplace.

Design and development cost
We are always prepared to consider creative ways of moving a project forward, and we are committed to joining you in realising your market advantage.

Tooling, a positive stance
If you prefer to delegate the responsibility and cost of your tooling to a key supplier you can rely upon our support.

Market projections are volatile. We recognise this and join with you as you develop your market.

From prototypes to full scale supply
A first class multi-disciplined manufacturing capability enables us to deliver prototypes, preproduction, and where possible, full supply programmes.

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