The widest range is key to infinite flexibility

Flexibility is the key characteristic of this section of the website. The permanent magnet brushed and brushless dc motors offered here have been designed and wound to satisfy applications calling for a power range of 1-150 Watts. 1.5V-30V range is available where appropriate.

Windings have been chosen to offer speed variations where noise, life or current may be critical. If you can't find your exact requirement here, motors can be wound to your precise specification.

Our innovative gearbox design expertise together with today's materials have been combined to maximise the full output power generated by this widest range of motors in the most price sensitive way. Each gearbox type is offered with many ratios, torque of 5mNm to 10Nm is achievable through the range with speeds peaking at 1000rpm.

Low noise and extended life are characteristics that are high on our agenda.

Motors, gearboxes and encoders can be combined in a manner that is infinitely variable, providing our customer with a precise and complete solution for each and every application.

The use of standard components is often the best way of containing cost and will, in most instances, provide a unique transmission system. Customisation that includes modified output shafts, gearbox bearings and dedicated motor windings are available where appropriate. All motor gearbox packages can be supplied with flying leads, connectors and output drives

A unique feature of this product range is the option of feedback from incremental and absolute encoders. Completing this modular range of motor gearboxes is our user friendly and low cost programmable dc controller Red Drive. This product can be used to deliver a cost-effective servo system.

This introduction provides just a brief insight into the infinitely variable options available to you from this website. The following pages, backed up by component data sheets, will help you to select the most appropriate combination for your application. If you need help please call your local sales engineer or our sales desk.



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